About Kamalika Artprints


Born from the mind and hands of Winarti Handayani, Kamalika Artprints produces hand-drawn illustrations printed on cards, wall-arts, bags, totes, and pouches. With a signature style that blurs the line between reality and imaginations and includes dreamy themeslike children in animal costumes, Kamalika Artprints is dedicated tothe whimsical child in you.

Kamalika means “little lotus” in Sanskrit. Just like how a lotus flowerblossoms gracefully from the mud, Kamalika Artprints growsthrough the experiences and challenges of making life even more joyful with a touch of art. Bloomed in 2011after years of tenaciouseffort, Kamalika Artprints is a labour of love that merge artistry with functionality.

Kamalika Artprints focuses on colourful, hand-drawn illustrations, mostly created by watercolours and pencils. This method is chosen to convey more personality. And since its style is influenced by nature and inspired by the wonder of a child’s mind, expect to see some charming irregularities on the artwork!

Each Kamalika Artprints product is proudly made in Pasar Minggu, Jakarta and with all materials locally sourced from Indonesia.


Winarti Handayani is an Indonesian illustrator and artist based in Jakarta and Yogyakarta. Under her brand, Kamalika Artprints, she has merged her lifetime fondness of painting and drawing with functional, everyday products.

As an artist, Winarti believes that art does not only belong in museums or auction houses. Following her graduation from the Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in product design, Winarti returned to her homeland with the mission to share with her fellow Indonesians that art is everywhere and can certainly be enjoyed by everyone.

Prior to setting up Kamalika Artprints in 2011, Winarti had spent several years travelling, working, and exhibiting as anartist and illustrator. She was also involved with communities working to promote art for children in Jakarta’s slum areas, which then led her to the world of illustrating for children books. These insights, combined with her experience of motherhood, supported her passion to produce children-friendly artworks.

A part-time hermit by choice, Winarti mostly works from the comfort of her dining room. She is inspired by nature and her surroundings – be it indoor or outdoors, a post on social media or random conversations with her son. She is ever fascinated by the boundlessly imaginative mind of a child, which has been translated in many of her artworks